WJHC AM Released!

Funkmaster V's Second Movie is Released

The Taxi guy releases another full length movie!!!!

May 3rd, 2022 marks the release of WJHC AM and the new director's cut of The Hike. WJHC AM will be available through Amazon, Wal Mart, Best Buy, FYE, etc and will be playing on Plex. The Hike: Bigger and Funkier Edition, will be available for purchase online, as well.

You can buy WJHC AM by clicking here. 

You can buy the Hike: Bigger and Funkier Edition by clicking here.

What is WJHC AM? It's a horror/ comedy about the paranoia surrounding Y2K through the eyes of a new disc jockey at a Southern Gospel Radio station. What if Armageddon happened when the clock struck midnight on the year 2000 (eastern standard time... of course)? Well, you'll have to watch the movie to find out. 

The Hike: Bigger and Funkier Edition features a new opening scene which introduces the comedy vibe of the movie and the story of Spearfinger earlier into the narrative. It also features new titles and better resolution. 

Big N Funky Action Figures Are Here!!!

Also, if you wanna get some really cool stuff, Big N Funky Productions has partnered up with Phoenix Toys & Comics to make two action figures per movie for each of the Smoky Mountain Chronicles. The first batch includes Vinnie, complete with brass knuckles, mysterious naked Polaroids, ugly gray and brown hiking boots and a bloody wound on the back of his head... and Spearfinger , which comes complete with "come hither" eyes, feathers, and a hidden obsidian finger behind her back for when the time is right. Watch out Vinnie! 

You can save $11 now buy ordering the 2-pack for $25!!!

You can purchase the Vinnie & Spearfinger 2-pack at PhoenixComicsToys Here.